Jennifer Lawrence may not legally own some of her naked pictures in question, TMZ reports.

As Lawrence's attorney has fought to get the incredibly private pictures taken offline, one porn site is allegedly refusing to take them down -- claiming that the Academy Award-winning actress does not own the copyright to some of the photos, since they are not all selfies. In fact, the porn site has allegedly gone as far as to ask for proof of Lawrence's copyright -- or the name of the photographer. Gross.

Victoria Justice is also attempting to take legal action as well. Though the former Nickelodeon star initially said that the nude photos of her were fake, she later went on Twitter and clarified her stance, writing:

"Shortly after I tweeted about certain pics of me being fake, I was faced with a serious violation of privacy. There have always been fake photos of me on the internet, but I will not be put in the position to defend myself as to what is real or what is fake," Justice wrote via TwitLonger. "I am angry at this massive invasion of privacy, and like the other women who are in this situation alongside of me, I am taking legal action to protect my rights."

In addition to Lawrence and Justice, Kate Upton, 'Glee's' Becca Tobin and many more female celebs are also victims in the nude photo hack. Apple has revealed that the photos were hacked by utilizing a "very targeted attack on user names, passwords, and security questions" -- not by hacking the iCloud or the Find My iPhone app, as people speculated at first. The FBI is also investigating the matter.