There is an asteroid hurling towards earth as we speak. But don't worry, it won't hit us, According to Newsbreak, it will miss earth by a long distance however, it's the size of Big Ben.

If the object comes closer than 1.3 astronomical units it is known as a Near-Earth Object, and that makes me shake in my Near- Earth boots, according to American Military News.

It’s funny to imagine that if an asteroid was headed to impact Maine and our, end-all-be all would in fact be straight out of an interstellar action movie. Furthermore, it's nerve-wracking to know that some would be more concerned on which actors would portray us in that movie.

According to WMTW, back in November of 2021, a Maine engineer named Mark Jensenius was amongst one of the engineers that aided NASA in deflecting a asteroid that was in fact heading towards us. They were successful I assume because we're still here, however I hadn't heard of that until now. This is the problem we are facing.

We, as a society have gotten off track. I know this because instead of my news feed showing this recent asteroid as one of my top or even top five notifications/updates, it showed something pop-culture related instead and I had to scroll very far to find it on trending.

Apparently, we've reached a point in time where Kanye moving next door to Kim is more important than the defense of our planet. If this were the 1950s and even if we did know that this asteroid wasn't going to hit us, we'd all be crowded around our televisions and crank radios listening to updates.

A Netflix movie was recently released called, “Don’t Look Up” it’s was terrifyingly realistic and made many feel justified in what our government has become, no natter what party you are affiliated with. The star studded cast includes, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, and Jonah Hill just to name a few.

To give you a quick summary on the movie, without spoilers, "two low-level astronomers must go on a giant media tour to warn mankind of an approaching comet that will destroy planet Earth," according to IMDB.

However, it also gives you a behind the scenes look at how much people in power care about social popularity, appearance, damage control, cover-ups, social relevance, and simply "keeping up with the joneses" instead of focusing primarily on the real concerns we have as a planet.

This movie, points out how distracted we've become from reality in direct result of social media. We are so busy looking down at our phones that if something was literally attacking our planet, we probably wouldn't look up. It hits a nerve.

Furthermore, Planetary Defense is a real thing! According to NASA;

Planetary defense is the term used to encompass all the capabilities needed to detect the possibility and warn of potential asteroid or comet impacts with Earth, and then either prevent them or mitigate their possible effects.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

It's understandable that we would have a group of super smart science and engineer people that form a group to protect our planet from flying materials.

So as you're lying in bed tonight, DM'ing your bestie, or snapping your lover, look up. Notice the sky, feel the wind, find the big dipper, look at the craters in the moon,  because if we don't attempt to peel ourselves away from the thing that rules our lives, we won't notice what nature is trying to tell us.

How would you feel if Aliens jumped out of their spaceships to come chill with us and teach us how to read minds but you didn't look up because you just couldn't peel yourself away from level 77 on Candy Crush? So instead, the aliens quantum teleport to a more grateful planet without the internet and chill with them instead? I'd say that's one hell of a missed opportunity.

Point being, look up.

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