For The First Time Ever, I Forgot To Show Up For a DJ Gig
Hello Friends, Matt James here. Gather round and let me tell you an age-old tale about what an absolute moron I am. Oh, and a disclaimer to all my upcoming 2021 brides, I will not forget about your wedding. Most likely.
I typically don't DJ anything except for weddings...
It Turns Out I've Been Committing a Jailable Offense For a While
I've never really considered myself much of a 'bad boy', but that all changed this morning for me. It turns out I'm a bit of a rebel, a culprit, a fugitive, an offender.. a hooligan if you will.
You see, when it comes to things that I want to do with my day, driving over to the Maine Department of Mo…
How Did I Not Realize This Augusta Store Had Closed?!
I'll admit that I am usually the last person to realize that something has changed. Even if that change involves a store that is literally right next to where I work closing down. Apparently I have missed this one for quite sometime.
Long story short, I ordered a ton of stuff from Amazon for my …

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