If you're into all that is Bravo, like me, you are going to absolutely love what these local business members created. If you haven't seen it yet, I am happy to unveil what they've come up with.

As you know, the Real Housewives has turned into a cult following and huge commodity for all fans of the show. At the beginning of each show, the castmates have tag-lines that they recite to describe who they are in a few sentences.

They then roll right into the show that simply follows the juicy drama of their lives.

Below is the Real Housewives of New Jersey intro as an example.

Local Augusta business members came up with the most creative and unreal idea by creating a spoof of this reality show. The clip was inspired by the show culture that we are all obsessed with.

They had the "taglines", and created an episode of their own dramatic lives as members of the downtown business community on Water Street.

The video is below, and I dare you not to love it.

The video was launched to YouTube on February 15, has over 2,000 views, and is still growing. It is hilarious and so innovative.

The video was brought to you by the Augusta Downtown Alliance. Once they published the video on YouTube, they shared it onto their Facebook page, saying,

Move over Real Housewives of New York because the latest twist on the hit reality franchise is here! That’s right, meet The Real Merchants of Water Street!

In all seriousness, this was a lot of fun to film and we love the family we’ve cultivated here! Special thanks to Sturdy Production for filming and to Aaron Moseson for editing, and to all our “actors” who gave up a chilly October Sunday to get into character!
Augusta Downtown Alliance via YouTube
The spoof boomed, and it really showed us how the members of the Augusta Downtown Alliance want to bring fun and entertainment to their community. Because why not? Business does not have to be stiff, and they proved that this alliance kicks ass.
I am still waiting for episode two to be released. May I be in it as a guest star?

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