Everything is possible in the digital age and with an app. Jimmy Fallon and Billy Joel demonstrated that fact on 'The Tonight Show.'

The twosome formed an impromptu, two-man doo-wop group last night (March 20), singing 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight.' They used an iPad app to loop their voices and to help build their song.

Joel appeared a tad skeptical at first, but by the end of their duet, he was convinced. And you know what? So were we.

The only thing that would have made this off-the-cuff version of a classic song better would be sending these two into the subway to offer up this rendition. Could you imagine Billy Joel and Jimmy Fallon busking in the subway for some spare change? We'll pipe down and stop offering ideas to the show.

That said, we sorta crushed on J. Fallon's falsetto.

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