I'm really looking forward to our Food Truck Festival!  It's happening Saturday, May 20th from 11 to 5, at the Gardiner Waterfront and is going to feature a variety of food trucks, beer, and three great bands!  The food trucks will be serving everything from burgers and fries, to chicken wings, to gluten free food.  One of the trucks I am most excited about is Kabayan Philippine Foods!

When Jon Tremain retired from the U.S. Navy in the early 2000s, he and his wife (Emily) were looking for a part-time side business.  Emily, originally from the Philippines, had worked as a waitress for years so they discussed the idea of opening a restaurant.  But, to them, that meant hoping people would COME to their restaurant. So, after much discussion, they decided on going into the food truck business because it would allow them to GO to the customers.

And, Kabayan Philippine Foods was born!

Their offerings at our Food Truck Festival will include:

Karne Ku - Teriyaki chicken and beef skewers

Fried Rice - lightly seasoned fried rice with vegetables and egg

Lumpia - Similar to a spring roll, but primarily filled with meat

Pancit (pawn - sit) - Fried rice noodles with chicken and vegetables

Empanadas - meat pies

Siopao (shoo - pow) - Steamed buns with adobo chicken and egg.  Served with a side of Mang Tomas Sauce

Check them out on Facebook

Get your Food Truck Festival tickets early and SAVE! You can get them now for $10 (this includes a beer ticket).  Ticket price will be $15 day of the event.

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