Members of the Kardashian family have reportedly filmed scenes about Kanye West's hospitalization for the next season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Kanye has not been part of the show's filming since he was admitted to the hospital in November. E! production cameras were not in the hospital at any time, so the family discussion will be the first time Kanye's breakdown is addressed.

"He's never been a fan of having the cameras around him," a source told Entertainment Tonight, noting the sensitivity about addressing Kanye's situation.

The source said the footage may never make it to air. Kanye's wife, Kim Kardashian, is an executive producer of the E! show and could choose to remove the discussion from the final edits.

Once Yeezy returned from the hospital, rumors of his wife seeking divorce emerged. US Weekly claimed Kim was already taking steps to build a case for full custody of their children.

This rumor was shot down yesterday (Dec. 7) by a source speaking to E! News. Entertainment Tonight's source also said the rumor was false.

"Kim and Kanye are 100 percent together," the source said. "Not only is the rumor that they are splitting not true, but so is the report of them living apart."

Despite all hardship Kanye has experienced of late, the rapper is already back in the studio. The Chicago native reportedly built a temporary studio in his Bel-Air home to work on new music.

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