According to WABI TV, The Good Place and Veronica Mars actress Kristen Bell recently made a significant donation to a science teacher (and her class) at Central Aroostook Junior High School in Mars Hill.

Last Friday, Whitney Williams was scrolling through Instagram when she spotted a video posted by Kristen Bell.  The actress had put out a call to teachers asking them to send her a message with their Amazon wish list link.  She was going to select ten teachers and purchase the supplies they needed.

Within a few minutes, she got a message thanking her for her submission and saying she'd be featured on the account.

A few days after that, Williams was the featured teacher on Bell's IG account.  The actress's nearly 8 million followers had a chance to learn about the 7th and 8th grade science teacher from Aroostook County.

Along with the boxes of supplies, Williams says she's gotten notes of encouragement from around the world.

Follow Kristen Bell on IG.  Looks like Bell REALLY wants to get into The Good Place.



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