Is Freeport a little too busy for your liking? Maybe a bit of a hefty commute from where you live? Have no fear, the first L.L. Bean store in Canada will be opening on August, 23rd, eh! According to the Kennebec Journal, this move is just part of a Northern expansion. This new store, 13,000 square feet to be exact, will open in a shopping mall outside of Toronto, Ontario.

As part of its expansion, L.L. Bean will be sold through “shop-in-shops” in Hudson’s Bay chain department stores across the country and at flagship locations in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver.

“As a Maine-based company that shares a lot of commonalities with our northern neighbors, we’re eager to be infusing a bit of the Maine essence and L.L.Bean brand into the Canadian market,” said CEO Stephen Smith in a written statement.

The outdoor gear retailer has 44 stores in 17 other states, and 28 stores in Japan, where it

L.L. Bean Facebook Page
L.L. Bean Facebook Page

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