Lyndon Baines Johnson, US president 1963-1969, was better known as 'LBJ.' Back in the the summer of 1966, LBJ visited Maine. He flew in to the Brunswick Naval Air Base, then traveled by car to Lewiston, where he spoke in front of 12,000 people at Kennedy Park. On the way, the entourage stopped in Topsham for an ice cream at Dairy Queen. Shortly thereafter, the store painted in bright big white letters on their red roof, 'LBJ ATE HERE.'

As a kid growing up in Lewiston, I remember always stopping for an ice cream when we went by, and what a big deal we thought it was that the president had stopped at the same place for a cone. I know... it was a different world!

The roof sign, which I was told at one time could be seen from an airplane, is now missing. I feel sad I didn't realize it was gone. I've been by many times and didn't notice it was gone until yesterday (Nov. 16), as I was heading to the Brunswick Bed Races. With my habit of being clueless with what going on around me, maybe the roof sign has been missing a while.

The store, obviously has been renovated a few times. It is still at the same location on Main Street, but there is only a little sign on the side of the building now. I thank the owners for at least still honoring the event.

Do you know when the roof sign was replaced with a little side sign?