It may be kind of hard to believe, but OOB's Palace Playland has been around for over 120 years!  That means your great-great-grandparents could have had their first date at the iconic Maine amusement park!

While the Maine coastline is dotted with some amazing beaches, one of the things that makes Old Orchard Beach so appealing are the other nearby attractions.  Unlike the "state park" beaches, Old Orchard Beach is surrounded by restaurants, bars, stores, hotels, and all that The Pier has to offer.

Then, of course, there is Palace Playland!  One of the only beachfront amusement parks in New England.  Actually, there is a good chance that it IS the only beachfront amusement park in New England.

What is probably most exciting about the park is how long it has been a staple of summers in Maine.  According to Wikipedia, the park has been in operation since the Summer of 1902!

If you have little kids, they've got rides like a carousel, tea cups, a fun house, the euro slide, and the frog hopper.  The park has family rides like the Dodgems (bumper cars), the Tilt-a-Whirl, and the Electra Wheel.  And, for the big kids, they have rides like Pirate, Power Surge, and Matterhorn.

Then, there's the Sea Viper.  The website says:

Enjoy ocean vistas atop 70 feet and speeds up to 42 mph on 1500 feet of track. The first of its kind in the United States, Sea Viper will thrill you at every turn, drop, rise and curve.

The park has set opening dates for the massive arcade and the rest of the park.  According to the park's website, the arcade will open for the season on Friday, April 15th.

The rest of the park, and rides, will open for the season on Saturday, May 28th.  That's the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend.  The rides will be open on weekends until Friday, June 17th.  At that point, they'll be open daily through Labor Day weekend.

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