'Hoarders,' the show on A & E, that features people and their homes filled with way too much stuff, that they just can't throw away, is featuring an episode filmed in Lisbon this Sunday (March 13) night and The Moose Morning Show talked with the extreme cleaning experts from the show.

'Hoarders' extreme cleaning expert Matt Paxton and Auburn ServiceMaster owner Steve Cox, and his team, spent three days at the hoarding cleanup. They removed close to 20,000 pounds of stuff from the Lisbon home.

Click the video above to hear about their experiences at the home.

This is the first time the show, which is in its' 8th season, has come to Maine. They filmed the episode last summer in Lisbon.

The show is scheduled to air at 8pm.

Below is a quick preview.

You can watch full episodes of 'Hoarders' here.

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