Yvette Vachon is 91-year old Canadian woman, that was fined earlier this month $148.00. She was ticketed because her rocking chair was making too much noise. What? That's right... her rocking chair was too loud.

Now, we all have had neighbors who could drive us crazy, whether it's screaming or partying too loud, but a rocking chair? Those wild Canadians!

vachon was hit with a 'disturbing the peace' charge after neighbors called the cops complaining that she was Saguenay, Quebec, senior citzen was making a racket, with her rocking chair.

I guess, if you take the law literally, she might have been breaking the city's excessive noise bylaw, which applies to anyone "shouting, swearing or behaving in a way to annoy the neighbors or passersby."

Police, after originally charging her, reviewed the case and dropped the charges. Probably a good idea!