Jon and Renee have been encouraging me to get a massage for years. The closest I've come was with physical therapy after my recent back surgery.

People tell me all the time that I'm too tense and that I need to relax. My problem... I like my personal space! I just have never really wanted a massage.

Enter Mahala's Day Spa on Western Avenue in Manchester. All their employees are just wonderful. Through the past year, because of visits into the studio and talking with them about their various services, I became intrigued. What caught my attention was something called Cranialsacral Therapy.

According to their website:

If you're feeling out of balance, have headaches, are lacking focus or concentration, Craniosacral therapy can leave you more centered, focused and calm. That overwhelming stress you're facing will look smaller and be easier to handle after your body and mind can finally get a moment to breath and actually, truly, relax.

Connie Hubley from Mahala's was wonderful. She's a Nationally Certified Reflexologist and a Nationally
Certified Reflexology Instructor and a state Licensed Massage Therapist. So, I knew I was literally, in good hands.

Right off the bat, Connie made me feel comfortable. After a few minutes with my feet, she asked if I had trouble with my knees. BINGO! I don't know how she figured that out, but she's the professional. She explained the process, made me feel comfortable and 45 minutes later, I felt great.

The only problem I had was trying to stay awake. Heck, when you get up @ 3 a.m. and stretch out on a warm table with relaxing music, what do you expect?