A mid-coast Maine animal rescue is overflowing with dogs that were just brought in from about 7,000 miles away.

According to an article published by the Kennebec Journal, Passion For Pets, an organization based out of Woolwich, has just taken in 13 dogs from Kabul, Afghanistan. And now, those dogs are all going to be in search of their forever homes.

These dogs were part of a rescue operation by KSAR (Kabul Small Animal Rescue) which rescued about 300 dogs and cats in need, 13 of which ended up here in Mid-Coast Maine.

Passion for Pets Adoption Coordinator Leann Ryan, told the Kennebec Journal in part,

“At first I told KSAR we’d only take 10 dogs, but as the transport grew closer, there were still 60 dogs without anywhere to go. They looped back around, asking each rescue to take another dog. That’s how we ended up with three more. I know what people tend to look for. Regardless, in my heart of hearts, I have a soft spot for dogs with special needs, so of course I chose one with three legs. A lot of people forget there’s a language barrier. It’s important to remember these dogs aren’t ignoring you. If you Google Translate words, they will listen and engage. And decompression is huge; they need to feel secure, so don’t expect too much too soon. If they start alligator rolling, just be patient — they aren’t used to collars. In time, they’ll become more cooperative for a walk.”

Lois Kilby-Chesley, a volunteer who helped in transporting the 13 dogs to Maine told the Kennebec Journal in part,

“Some dogs I just can’t give up, so I adopt them. Years ago, I was a flight buddy for Baku street dogs on a flight from Azerbaijan to NYC. Their stories stuck with me. So, when I saw that dogs from Kabul needed rescuing, I had to step up. Mish had two transport legs from D.C. to Sturbridge, Massachusetts, then to Durham. Everything is a new experience for her — running water in the sink, the refrigerator humming, a grassy play yard and even a toilet that flushes. New sounds, smells and language are a lot to get used to. She spent her first few days catching up on sleep and exploring.”

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about possibly adopting a dog, click here to get all the details.

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