After being missing for seven years, Ashes the cat is back home.  Cats go missing all the time, but the crazy part of Ashes' story is that she ended up thousands of miles away, in Florida!

According to the KJ, Ashes went missing from her Chesterville home in August of 2015.  Her owners, the Cilley family, search for the cat for more than a month, but they never found a sign of the kitty.  After weeks, they were convinced that the cat was gone forever.

Fortunately, Denise Cilley had the cat microchipped.

Last month, the family got a call from a veterinarian in Longwood, Florida.  They had a cat at their office and, when they scanned for a chip, the Cilley family's information came up.  During the conversation with the vet, it was explained to the family that a young couple had found the cat and took her to the vet.

A GoFundMe has been set up to pay for the cat's medical expenses.  As of Wednesday, the cat had racked up about $475 in medical bills.  It is estimated that the total will be somewhere around $600.

Arrangements have been made to get Ashes home.

Mom Denise Cilley encourages everyone to get their pets microchipped.  She also said that she only wished the chips had GPS in them, so they could know exactly where Ashes had been the last seven years.

***Please note that the photo on this article is NOT a photo of Ashes.

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