According to The Kennebec Journal, Dr. Anthony Fauci, who now serves as the President's Chief Medical Advisor received an honor from a Maine college on Saturday.

Though Anthony Fauci was not at the commencement exercise in person, he did appear on a live-stream video as the honor was handed down. Anne E. McBride, who is the Associate Professor of biology and biochemistry at Maine's Bowdoin College, presented to degree to Dr. Fauci on Saturday.

For his work over the last several decades, Anothony Fauci has received more than two dozen honorary degrees and doctorates, the latest of course coming from Maine's Bowdoin college.

While the video of the commencement is more than two hours long, we have trimmed to the portion where the college is joined by Anthony Fauci via video call as he is awarded his honorary doctorate from the school's board of trustees.

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