This is one of those stories that you almost expect to start with 'A Florida Man', but alas, this actually starts with 'A Maine Man'.

According to WMTW News 8, a Maine man is in custody following a vehicle theft that happened Sunday morning in the Maine town of Casco. The news station reports that Steven Lock, 32, allegedly stole a vehicle from a funeral home in Cumberland County on Quaker Ridge Road.

The vehicle, which was loaded down with gravestones and monuments, was reported stolen by an unidentified person about 12 hours after the theft had taken place. Once word got out of the vehicle theft, the Cumberland County communications center began receiving calls of possible sightings of the vehicle.

WMTW says that around noontime on Sunday, they received a call from someone that had seen the stolen vehicle on the Roosevelt Trail in Casco. Police, with help from the caller, were able to track down the vehicle and take Steven Locke into custody.

Locke had reportedly violated conditions of release from previous offenses and also had 10 warrants that were outstanding for his arrest. Fortunately, according to Hall Funeral Home, all of the items that had been in the truck were still there and undamaged when police recovered the vehicle.

This is a developing story and we will continue to keep it updated as more information becomes available to us either by the news source or from investigating law enforcement officials.

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