Maine along with a few other states are looking into banning powdered alcohol sold under the brand name Palcohol due out this summer.

Palcohol was giving the green light to sell prepackaged powdered alcohol by the Feds but you may not be able to buy it in Maine if a bill to ban it goes through.

Simply put Palcohol is like Tang or Kool Aid, where you add it to water, and “presto” your drink is ready only unlike Tang and Kool Aid, it isn’t just sugar.

Rep. Mick Devin, (D) Newcastle, who is heading up the bill, says "I think there is tremendous potential for it to be abused, particularly by younger children, teenagers." Devin also goes on to say, it could be taken in abusive ways, like snorting it or just eating the powder itself.

The inventor of Palcohol Mark Phillips says, "Palcohol is not some super concentrated version of alcohol. It's simply one shot of alcohol in powdered form." Phillips also says it would be painful to snort it and you have to be 21 to buy it.