I was recently talking about all the ways people embarrassed their kids over the years. After all, our kids (especially when they're little) spend a good amount of time embarrassing us.

We all remember being in the grocery store with our little ones when they would make some obnoxious (and typically loud) comment about someone they saw in the store. Remember those feelings of complete red-face embarrassment? Yeah, us too. That's why we love when parents get their kids back.

We got lots of comments about different and unique ways that parents all around Maine have returned the favor and embarrassed their kids.

Of all the responses we got, this one was hands-down our absolute favorite.

In the photo, Ashley Duclos explains that this was the last day of school for her kids. When she arrived to pick them up, Ashley was clad in a Hawaiian-style skirt, themed shirt, scuba flippers, goggles, a festive headband and even had a squirt gun with her. To top it all off, she was blaring the Beach Boys out her car windows!

After all that, Ashley told the kids they couldn't get into the car until they each put on a lei that she had brought along for the special occasion. (That occasion being the last day of school!)

Ashley Duclos, Facebook

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