In a story that has sparked fiery social media debate across Maine, it's being reported by Rick Savage, owner of Sunday River Brewing, that the state of Maine has pulled his health and liquor license in an attempt to force him to close. Savage said the despite his licenses being revoked he will continue to operate and let the fines accrue.

We are sourcing this report from WMTW as there has not yet been an official word from the state of Maine. Earlier in the day, hundreds of people were seen lined up at the Newry establishment waiting to get in hours before the restaurant was set to open.

Earlier Janet Mills appeared at the Maine CDC press conference and again doubled down on her orders to keep the majority of Maine small business closed. She did not at any point during the speech make reference to Rick Savage, Sunday River Brewing or the Tucker Carlson Fox News monologue. She was also not wearing a mask.

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