We're so fortunate here in Maine to have an array of activities at our disposal.

Whether you're into climbing mountains, watching dirt track racing or listening to the powerful waves of the north Atlantic crash off the jagged coastline, there is literally something for everyone.

While I was watching the Boston Celtics crush the Dallas Mavericks in game 5 of the NBA finals to shore up banner 18, I had a wicked-unique ad come through my Facebook feed. It was for the Schooner Appledore out of historic Camden, Maine.

The Schooner Appledore Star and Appledore II are sailing vessels that have a rich heritage in Maine and Florida and have even circumnavigated the freakin' globe! And now, those magnificent windjammers are offering Maine residents and tourists alike a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

According to their website, these large sailing vessels are based out of Camden, Maine, in the warm summer months and offer an array of affordable cruising options for your family or the perfect date night.

The schooners offer day cruises starting at $59.95 for adults and sunset cruises beginning at $64.95 for adults.

However, one of the coolest experiences of the summer is sure to be their 4th of July Fireworks Cruise out of Camden Harbor. The cruise will depart on the evening of July 4th and will take about an hour and a half.

The sailing cruise will head out into the harbor and beyond to watch the fireworks take to the skies. The cost (for all ages) is $89.95. However, we'd expect this is booking fast, so if you'd like to secure your spot, just click here!

The History of Appledore and Appledore II is also quite amazing. According to The Schooner Appledore website,

Whether seeking an exciting day sail or searching for that perfect sunset, you will find your answer on the Appledore II. She is a swift and stable wooden schooner built in 1978 at the famous Gamage Shipyard in South Bristol, Maine. On her inaugural sail, the Appledore II circumnavigated the world stopping at exotic ports along the way. Join us in Camden or Key West for your own exciting voyage on this amazing ship.

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