It's been several months since longtime Maine Public Safety spokesperson Steve McCausland retired.  After holding the position for decades, he stepped away from the job in June of 2020.

Nearly a year after his retirement, it looks like they have chosen a permanent replacement for McCausland.

According to the Lewiston Sun Journal, longtime Maine news reporter and anchor Shannon Moss will step into the role.

Moss seems like the perfect replacement for McCausland.  Not only is she well known by a large part of the Maine population, it also allows her to continue to inform the public and to help keep the people of Maine safe.

Last night, the team at News Center Maine said goodbye to Shannon with a great recap of her TV news career.

Check it out:

We wish Shannon Moss all the best in her new position.

Fun fact!  Shannon Moss was in a few movies before getting into the TV news business.

Since McCausland retired, the email press releases have come from Katharine England - who does an amazing job, by-the-way.  Officially, she is the Maine State Police social media coordinator.  It is unclear how her role will change with the hiring of Moss.

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