For a few months, we have been hearing that Maine was on the verge of getting a spaceport.  Now, it looks like we have gotten one step closer to that being a reality.

According to WMTW, the Maine Space Grant Consortium has been awarded $1.2 million.  The grant will reportedly be backed up by an additional $400,000 in state and local funds.

Why push so hard for the state to get a spaceport?  Is someone planning a vacation to Mars?  Nope!  The hope is that a spaceport will entice businesses and young professionals to relocate to the State of Maine.

Senator Susan Collins, Senator Angus King, and Representative Chelle Pingree released a join statement that said:

As Maine communities adapt to the shifting 21st-century economy, our state has the opportunity to lead the way in sectors of the future.  This investment in the Maine SpacePort Complex will be a new, significant economic driver.

Find out more about the Maine Spaceport HERE

The Maine Spaceport is not the only space project in the works in the Pine Tree State, though.

BluShift, which recently had a successful rocket launch from the old Loring Air Force Base, is planning to open a facility in Eastern Maine.  News Center Maine is reporting that the new facility will be a rocket constructions and rocket control center.  The plan is for the rockets to be launched from a barge just off the coast of Maine.

Here's a video of their Loring AFB launch:

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A Look Inside Loring Air Force Base

For decades, Maine's Loring Air Force Base played a key role in the defense of the United States. The base, located near the town of Limestone, was home to a squadron of B-52 bombers. The following images come from videos from here, here, and here.

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