I just would've assumed it was Massachusetts.

How can this be? Mainers pretty much invented partying. Between ruckuses at pit parties, and high school house parties that rivaled UMaine frat house. By age 17, most Mainers can hold down a six-er without too much trouble. It's almost a rite of passage. You know, the more I keep typing these words, the more it might make sense....

A poll of almost 3,500 people at RTAOutdoorLiving.com concluded that Mainers came in at #6 as the worst people to have over to your place to party down. Now, before you feel like #6 isn't too bad, Maine was the only New England state in the Top Ten. That means there's people out there that like people from Mass. more than us. Like, how?!

The poll metrics were pretty simple.

When people took this obviously rigged poll, they were asked to score states from 1-5. They asked all these questions that were made to make Mainers look foolish. Like, folks were asked if people from other states helped clean up afterward, or if they stole the last Double Stuff Oreo out of the box.

Well, duh. If you're foolish enough to leave your cookies out, I assume you're being a gracious host, and that you want me to have those last couple cookies. Sorry, bub. And as far as helping with the cleanup,. I was brought up that the guest doesn't lift a finger. You got this, bro. It's just a few empty beer cans, chill...

If you're curious who the absolute worst is, it's Delaware. All I can figure is that down in Delaware, people just show up with kegs unannounced, and force to you start funneling Natty Ice immediately. Hmmmmm... it still sounds like I'm talking about Mainers, doesn't it? Oh well. I guess we're awful. Awful AWESOME.

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