The bitter cold that is hammering the state of Texas right now isn't just affecting the people there. It's also affecting the animals. That's why Sea Turtles, Inc has headed to South Padre Island, Texas to help.

Because of the bitter cold, thousands of turtles are becoming 'cold stunned'. When that happens, it makes it incredibly difficult for the turtle to swim to warmer water. It also makes them much more vulnerable to shock, frost bite, pneumonia and even death.

Emma Pontius, a native of Portland, Maine, is one of the many people on hand in Texas helping to rescue thousands of turtles that have been exposed to the harsh weather elements. So far Emma, along with other staffers at Sea Turtles Inc, have managed to bring over four thousands sea turtles indoors to a warmer and much safer climate.

The turtles are being kept in the Sea Turtles, Inc building in every room imaginable. According to News Center Maine, turtles are being kept in the museum area, the restrooms and even the gift shop all in an attempt to keep them warm.

Sunday, February 14: We have rescued 142 sea turtles so far today from the cold waters of the Laguna Madre Bay on South...

Posted by Sea Turtle, Inc on Sunday, February 14, 2021

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