While this season of 'X Factor' only just got underway, a runner-up from last season's show has been making moves for a while. Marcus Canty asks a lady to let him be her sidepiece in 'Used By You,' a new track for the former reality show contestant.

The track is a synth-heavy midtempo ballad. While the instrumentation and production are heavy duty, Canty's silky smooth vocals are at center stage. Canty encourages a gal whose boyfriend is stepping out on her to use Hammurabi's "eye for an eye" method to teach him a lesson -- and he's happy to be her fling.

Don't get mad, get even," Canty croons. "Two can play that game / And you won't hurt my feelings / Love me and leave me, baby / I want to be used by you, I’ll be your little friend on the side / Since your man ain't acting right / I'm all yours tonight." If anyone else sang this it would sound almost sleazy, but he's got the soulful chops to pull it off.

'Used By You' is the latest in a series of tracks Canty's dropped since coming in fourth place on the first season of 'X Factor.' He previously released 'In & Out' featuring rapper Wale, as well as 'Won't Make a Fool Out You.' He just wrapped up a college tour and will release his eight-song EP, 'This ... Is Marcus Canty,' on Oct. 30.