According to this particular asteroid is about two times the size of the Empire Sate Building and, in case you 've never been to New York City, that's pretty freakin' huge.

In the last few days we've all started to realize that the dumpster fire that was 2020 has rolled clean into 2021 with the intention of not letting up. Because of that it just seems so fitting that we would be dealing with a close-call asteroid situation now, too.

This asteroid has a name and it's 2015 NU13. First of all, why in the heck do these things get the most garbage names. I mean come one, NASA has known about this rock for six years and they couldn't have come up with a better name for this thing? Whenever a hurricane develops out at sea they pull from a massive list of alphabetized names to make sure the storm is humanized before making landfall. Can't we do the same thing with asteroids? I say we call this thing Chad. Chad always wants to cause a ruckus when everyone else just wants to relax and call it a day.

When will this puppy be passing by you're probably not wondering? Well, at around 4 AM on January, 9th is when it's expected to pass by. Will you be able to see it with your nude eye? Unlikely. This thing is going to pass by fairly close- but not the close. It will still be about 3.5 million miles away when it goes hum-chucking by our sweet little planet earth. Oh, and it's travelling at around 33,700 miles per hour, too.

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