Those humanitarians on the cast of the 'Jersey Shore' are known for saving the world one drunk and disorderly at a time, but when Hurricane Sandy struck and destroyed much of the East Coast -- including their beloved Seaside Heights -- the gang put aside their GTL routine to actually do something philanthropic.

(They'll know what that means once they look it up.)

Besides tweeting their thoughts and prayers to those affected, the cast promised to help with the rebuilding effort, and it looks like those vows are already coming to fruition. Although with less manual labor than expected.

Partnering with the non-profit group Architecture for Humanity, which assists in construction projects after natural disasters, the heavily-bronzed group is reuniting for a live show to help the residents of Seaside Heights (where, of course, 'Jersey Shore' was filmed).

Set to air live on MTV on Thursday, Nov. 15, 'Restore the Shore' will feature the entire cast and a slew of other celebrities who have yet to be announced.

And since it'll also be simulcast on mobile devices and over the internet, you'll have no excuse not to tune in.

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