Some of you may have noticed that I haven't been on the air much over the past few weeks. Earlier this month, it was about me, now it is about my daughter Vikki and her health.

I want to start out by thanking all for your concern, thoughts and prayers for Vikki. As it stands now, she is at St. Mary's under the care of the staff and her Mommy who is staying overnight. Vikki seems to be okay, the fever when treated with medication is bringing her temperature to normal.

I want write this because many are asking us questions and in the moment over the past couple of days, I could only give one sentence answers and bits and pieces of what's going on. So here is what we know and the timeline leading up to tonight.

This all started Sunday morning when Vikki woke up. We knew something was wrong by the way she was acting. Lynn took her temperature and she had a fever of close to 105. We immediately gave her Children's Ibuprofen and called her primary doctor's office and where it was Sunday got the on-call nurse as they were closed. The nurse on-call told us to alternate Children's Ibuprofen and Tylenol and doing that should keep it in check. There was no further concern at the time because there was no vomiting or diarrhea so that's what we did. Alternating the medications wasn't working so Lynn took Vikki to the ER Sunday afternoon where she was checked out, had x-rays done, etc. Everything looked okay to the Doctor and Vikki was sent home with a diagnosis of an Upper Respiratory Infection. Lynn was told to continue with the Ibuprofen and Tylenol, so that's what was done.

The next day, Monday, Presidents' Day, nothing had really changed. Her fever was still high and at times her temp was flirting with 106. Lynn and I took her back to the ER.

Monday night we spent about three hours at St. Mary's from about 9pm to midnight while Vikki was enduring test after test, including a urine sample, blood work and flu swab. Her flu check came back negative, but both the urine and blood preliminary results showed abnormalities, leaning towards a urine tract infection. That is what the Doctor Monday night diagnosed her with anyway. That being said, some of the details on those tests take longer than an hour or so to show up, so we had to wait for a day or two to get those more detailed results. Monday night before we left the hospital, Vikki was given a shot of antibiotics and we were give a prescription to pick up at the pharmacy.

We thought we had the answer, we were hoping after a few doses of the pink gooey antibiotic she'd start feeling better, but no. Wednesday morning, we're still trying to battle a fever with Children's OTC medication and antibiotics which haven't done seemingly anything. We called Vikki's primary care Doctor Wednesday morning and we get an urgent care appointment within 30 minutes of the call. We race over to Lewiston and get her there pretty much on time. Vikki's cultures and some of the details on her samples from Sunday night were back and showed all kinds of abnormalities in her blood and urine. So her Primary care Doctor thought it would be best if she were admitted into the hospital.

The fear; the infection may go or have gone into her kidneys. When I heard that I was scared. All I could think of was her being hooked up to a dialysis machine.The Doctor assured me that even if the infection went into her kidneys it could be treated and that Vikki would be healthy and like new. At this point tonight Thursday I still haven't gotten the answer as to how severe this infection ended up or became.

I drove Lynn and Vikki over to St. Mary's where they had a room ready for her when we arrived at about noon. After arriving and settling in, the picking and prodding on Vikki began again. More blood work, another attempt at a urine sample but Vikki being stubborn wouldn't pee on cue so we had to wait. Vikki soon after all of the vitals and the samples they could get were taken, she was attached to an IV pole with hydrating fluid and antibiotics.

At this point Vikki doesn't want to see anyone come in her room, she has just had it with anybody in scrubs. She was even crying when housekeeping came in empty the trash. While being looked a Wednesday, the Doctor noticed swelling in her knee. The general thought is, the two aren't related unless the swelling is showing up because of a taxed immune system due to the infection. An MRI was scheduled and attempted to check the swelling but Vikki was way too cranky and wiggly for that, so they settled on an x-ray for the time being. If necessary the MRI will be done at the Barbara Bush wing at Maine Medical Center in Portland in the future. After some time on the IV drip, the swelling had subsided a bit but it is a concern where Dylan has (although dormant now) Juvenile Arthritis, so it needs to be checked but first things first, let's get to the bottom of the fever, the infection, and the bad SED and culture scores.

Today, Thursday ended up being a kind of a day where Vikki was just watched and checked on every so often for vitals and if needed a fever reducer. The IV is still in her hand for potassium, hydration and antibiotics. I left Lynn and Vikki at about 9 pm while Vikki was sleeping and over all feeling better. Her temperature was down to a hair below 38C which I think is about 102 and that's with only two 5ml doses of Ibuprofen through the 24 hour day.

Tomorrow, comes a whole new battery of tests and if those results and cultures come back with better to good numbers than Vikki will likely come back home on Saturday.

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