If you live on the outskirts of Augusta, I may owe you an apology.  There's a chance that you were awakened from your peaceful slumber early this morning because of something I did.

Because I really love my job, I have no issue going into work early.  Honestly, I try to be at the office (station) by 7 AM on most days.  It gives me a chance to get a lot of stuff done before the regular office workers show up for work.

And, when I have to fill in on one of our amazing local morning shows, I get to work way earlier.  On those days, I try to be at the studios no later than 4:30.  It gives me a chance to work with the other members of the show to plan out what we're going to talk about and, more importantly, get enough coffee into me so that I can form complete sentences.

To get there in time, I try to leave just after 4 AM.

Alright, enough backstory.  Here's the part where I probably woke you up.

For years, I have been using a broken key fob for my car.  It works to unlock the doors and to start the car, but the buttons are busted.  Well, sort of...  I cannot use it to lock or unlock the doors but, apparently, the panic button still works.  I found THAT out this morning!

Because I am lazy, I did not want to make multiple trips to my car.  So, when I left the house, my arms were full.  Several laptops, my phone, a tablet, fruit, and frozen meals.

I must have hit the panic button on my fob, setting off my vehicle's alarm.  The lights flashed and the horn honked (and honked and honked), but with my key fob buried under a pile of other stuff, I couldn't hit the button to turn it off.  And, with my arms loaded with stuff, I didn't want to run to my vehicle.  So, I just waddled as fast as I could.

Eventually, I was able to get to my car and shut the alarm off.

So, if I gave you a rude awakening this morning, I apologize.  As a parent and a pet owner, I know how back it sucks to get woke up early.  So, I am really sorry.

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