The New Hampshire boys of Recycled Percussion are on their last leg of breaking a world record: Playing shows in all 50 states in just 12 days.

You probably remember them from 'America's Got Talent' or maybe you've seen one of their world-class Vegas shows.

The journey began in Hawaii, then Alaska, then they took on the lower forty-eight. They will be wrapping up their #50in12 journey tomorrow night, here in New England.

Check out the announcement here!

At the time of posting they haven't announced the final location yet. They aren't doing this just for fun though, they are raising money to make sure a bunch of kids have a really amazing Christmas. Their goal? To raise $50,000 and buy a ton of presents!

Justin and Ryan have documented each and every step of their journey, thus far on Facebook and Instagram. They have been pulled over 4 times, did a show on ice, a show in a Home Depot, and have even played in their underwear in the middle of the night at a gas station. After all of that driving, it's no wonder they started to lose it.

The end is in sight, though! December 20th is the 12th and final day. It's not too late to get involved either. Visit their website and donate now. Every $100 donation gets a #50in12 t-shirt.

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