Last year, Kendele Ouellette, mother of children who attend Harpswell Community School discovered that not only did the school have a seclusion room, but that her son who is diagnosed with ADHD, had been in the room multiple times without her knowledge.

On a particularly difficult day for her boy earlier this school year, the school called Ouellette. She came in to discover that he was in the room screaming and crying and could hear him as soon as she entered the school. Once she got him out of the room he was covered in sweat. This was a 90-degree day at the school and there was inadequate ventilation in the room according to Ouellette. Her son also suffers from asthma.

This was a year after she already met with the school demanding improved room ventilation and that her children were not to go in the room with the door shut.

See Kendele's post about her experience below:

Now another mother at Harpswell Community School is speaking out. Rebecca Ross tells the Times Record that her son has various disabilities and anxiety disorders that can lead to behavioral issues.

My kid has probably used that room more than anybody. He's also leanred that when he's frustrated, to go take a moment and go in there when it's bad.

This isn't just a local issue either. According to the Times Record, the "Keeping All Students Safe Act" has been presented to the House and referred to the Committee on Education and the Workforce and Committe on Armed Service. The law would completely prohibit seclusion, limit restraint in federally-funded schools, and ensure that parents are informed when restraining measures are taken against their child.

Ross pointed out that if her child misbehaves at home, he's sent to his room and that this is no different.

You've got to find a way to do something and if you won't want to restrain or seclude students, I don't think there is another safe way to do it.

Where do you fall on this issue? Are you pro seclusion room? Do you think there are better methods

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