I love making a ‘to do list.’ I love it because as I cross things off I feel a sense of accomplishment. It feels like I can take on a whole new list of things. If I do it a few times, I can take care of lots of things that just need to get done. I guess I am not alone in these basic feelings. Check out this article about the ‘Getting Things Done.’.

It is not just about list making but about a way of keeping information, so you can find it again when you need it and attacking projects that seemed overwhelming. If you have ever gone on vacation to come back to work or home to find a pile of mail and an e-mail inbox that goes on for pages, you know exactly what I mean. It feel overwhelming! Part of the process is tackling things in an effective way. You can clear them off your mental plate and you can move your brain cells to other matters.  It's all about having a good plan of attack to free your mind!

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