Talking vacations today on the 92 Moose Morning Show.  One of the big hassles is packing!!  Are you a minimalist or do you need a trunk for a long weekend?

Me? I am more of a minimalist.  I like being able to pack in a backpack when possible.  I have had my luggage lost a few times so having my stuff with me makes me feel better.  In a world of ever increasing fees for luggage, a simple backpack can be a good thing.

But what about vacation out of a large purse!?

I was inspired by this post of found from Her Packing List.  This woman challenged herself to travel for 3 WEEKS with what she had packed in this handbag and on her body.

Brooke Schoenman did this as a challenge to herself, so she had some ‘rules’.  According to the post:
“To give the packing list a real workout, I wasn’t able to share any items with my boyfriend. If I bought something that wasn’t deemed necessary, I wasn’t allowed to use those items until I returned back to Sydney. Anything else purchased along the way would be disclosed. Toiletries provided at hotels and the AirBNBs were fair game, though.”

Want to see how Brooke do it? Check out her post. Could you do it?



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