Paris Hilton, who is in the midst of reinventing herself as a DJ, is battling a New York shoe company, slapping them with a lawsuit. Why is the heiress kicking Antebi Footwear Group, LLC to the curb? What's up with that?

Well, the socialite, who used to be the biggest reality star in the world and who wrote the pre-Kim Kardashian book on self-promotion and marketing, entered into an agreement with the company in 2007, allowing them to use her name, her image and her brand to sell high-end heels.

Per the terms, Hilton was set to earn $720,000 in royalties at minimum, but she says that she received less than half of what was due her. So now she is seeking over a million dollars in unpaid royalties.

According to The Daily News, Hilton and her team filed a breach of contact lawsuit yesterday (April 8) in Manhattan Federal Court, saying the shoemaker did not honor its licensing agreements with Paris Hilton Entertainment Inc

"This lawsuit emanates from Antebi’s unlawful attempt to reap millions of dollars in profits from exploiting the lucrative brand of international celebrity Paris Hilton without paying the compensation it agreed to pay,” the lawsuit read.

Translation: They used her brand to sell their shoes and didn't pay her according to agreed upon terms for the usage.

In addition to loot, Hilton, 33, seeks to terminate the licensing agreements now, as opposed to letting them expire at the end of the year.

What a pain in the foot!