When the opportunity came up for actor Paul Rudd to kiss screen legend Helen Mirren on the BBC's 'The Graham Norton Show,' he didn't hesitate. Because he's not an idiot.

After revealing that his longest on-screen kiss was with Jack Nicholson, Rudd did a re-creation of the first time he met the iconic actor (who played his father in the film 'How Do You Know').

For some reason, the script called for the duo to kiss each other hello and goodbye on the lips, so when Nicholson first made Rudd's acquaintance, that's how he greeted his surprised co-star.

For the reenactment, a delighted Mirren agreed to stand in as Paul Rudd, while Rudd imitated her self-proclaimed "hero" Nicholson -- with the results being equal parts hilarious and adorable. And ever the lady, Dame Helen even sweetly tries not to get lipstick on her new boytoy.

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