According to WABI TV, police are looking for the driver of a sport utility vehicle that hit a person on a bicycle this morning in the mid-coast Maine town of Lincolnville.

The incident happened on Atlantic Highway near South Cobbtown Road just before 9 o'clock on Wednesday (may 4th) morning.

The news report explained that the person driving the SUV allegedly did not stop after hitting the bike and that the driver continued in the direction of Camden.

While there has been no confirmation on the type of vehicle that was involved int he crash, police reportedly did recover the side mirror of a dark green Ford Explorer.

There is no word on what caused the crash.  Also, it is important to note that there is a chance that the driver of the sport utility vehicle may not realize that he or she hit the person on the bike.  Also, driver has not been charged, and may not be charged with a crime.  Law enforcement is simply investigating at this point.

If you are the driver of the SUV, or you have information about the incident, you should call the Waldo County Sheriff's Office at 207.338.6786


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