According to a report from Maine's WGME News 13, officers from the Portland Police Department have officially told homeless campers that have taken up residence in the city's Deering Oaks Park that it's time to leave.

The report goes on to explain that over this past weekend the number of homeless campers in the park has more than doubled. Police told the large group that they had 24 hours to remove their belongings and vacate the park, though WGME says that so far, nobody has attempted to remove themselves or their belongings.

Portland business owner, Victoria Thayer, owner of Queenie's Castle, says that homeless camps are now on both sides of her sandwich shop and that they are driving away customers and committing lewd acts on her building.

Thayer told WGME in part;

"They're exposing themselves in the window. They're defecating on my building in broad daylight. The city needs to come up with a plan. And it's not just passing out flyers, and having them move to another campsite, and then come back."


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