Remember when Radio Shack was king of the electronics retail world? Remember their brands, Realistic and Tandy? The Texas electronics company is closing 1,100 of their 4000 nationwide stores including 900 franchised locations due an almost 20% drop in sales last year in the fourth quarter.

After the holiday buying rush, Radio Shack’s stock dropped almost 25%. All-in-all this is not good news for Radio Shack and their employees.

I just talked with the Radio Shack in Augusta and they tell me that no known local stores are closing and that they do very well in sales.

As a child, Radio Shack was my favorite store. I bought my first boom box from Radio Shack, circa 1980.

I’ve always found Radio Shack a great place to buy burnable CDs, batteries, cell phone accessories and headphones. Really anything radio station related as they are only a door down from 92 Moose at the Augusta Plaza.