Two local rappers in Lake Jackson, Texas were lucky to not get arrested after staging a fake bank robbery without any permission. Tru Keezy and Yung Groovey were seen wearing ski masks and carrying unloaded weapons outside of a Lake Jackson credit union on Sunday (Jan. 1), which prompted bystanders to call the police. As it turns out, the rappers were filming a scene for a music video.

"It was a bad idea with a good reason,” Tru Keezy told Click 2 Houston.

Police arrived at the scene with their guns drawn, thinking that a robbery was taking place. The rappers were told to get on the ground before being apprehended. Once things settled down, Tru Keezy and his crew were able explain what was actually happening. Cops did not file any charges against the men.

"With all the stuff going on right now, man, we blessed now to be shot," Tru Keezy told Click 2. "Thank y’all [officers] for not shooting me, my bros! Next time I promise we gon' let y'all know if we gonna do something like that. And I commend y'all for standing by y'all's badge."

While Tru Keezy was lucky to not be hurt, he did not come out the situation without any hassle. The Texas rapper was brought into custody for an outstanding misdemeanor warrant. Tru Keezy probably considers the whole incident to be a win since he got some free publicity on the news and did not suffer any harm.

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