This drives people who are really into recycling absolutely nuts. I'm not going to mention names here but you know who you are.  And you know I am right about that.

I throw batteries in the trash can and I do the same with ink cartridges.  I've even tossed a C.F.L. or two into the garbage.  That may even be illegal...yikes!  I know I shouldn't but I'm lazy. I'm busy.  I'd just rather chuck it than worry about putting it in a special place in my house so I can later retrieve it and put it into a special place at the transfer station.  I also believe, correct me if I'm wrong, that most people are like me in that sense.

The earth should be thankful, however, that I am also very miserly.  I bring home paper from the station if it has only been used on one side and stick it, clean side up, in my printer so many of the things I print at home have old invoices, station info, commercials and those sorts of things on back. Works for me.  I do get an earful when, say, my daughter prints a report for school only to find her dad's morning show jokes on back.  "I have to print it again," she says, clearly annoyed.  I shoot back, "you're wasting ink!"  Those instances are no win.

Once I'm done with the paper I've recycled and both sides are used, do I recycle it with the paper at the transfer station?  Absolutely not!  That would mean bouncing to different areas of the place...and time is money!  But before you think of me as wasteful, consider that I've already helped the Earth, however little, by not using a ream of new paper thus saving trees.  Oh and come to think of it, I also recycle all of my plastic (milk cartons, detergent, etc.).  You should too.  It's the right thing to do and you'll save your town (and yourself) money.

Wow.  I think I just talked out of both sides of my mouth.  Maybe I should be running for office.

Summary: I have to pat myself on the back.  I guess I am a good steward of the Earth after all.