"You've got to check out Moose Alley when you're in Rangeley!" my daughter, Michelle, told me. "It's Unbelievable," she added.  So, that was part of the plan when my buddy Mike Gagne and I hit the road on Wednesday.

The day was beautiful and multi-faceted.   First, we stopped at Parkside And Main which, coincidentally, is at the corner of the Parkside Drive and Main Street.  Great food and a deck looking out at the lake....and awesome coconut cream pie, but we weren't there to eat this time.  In for a beverage and to say hello to restaurant owner and Cony graduate, Kash Haley.

Kash Haley

That was followed by a ride to pay homage to a dear friend of Mike's who I also had the pleasure of knowing, Bill Munroe, who passed away back in 2001.  Bill loved Jack Daniels Bourbon so we went to Bill's grave and drank a toast, spilling a little bit on the stone so Bill could enjoy the moment too.  It was truly a moving experience and we could feel Bill's presence in the breeze that came in, simultaneously, with the spilling of the whiskey.

Next, it was off to a pit to do some plinking (target shooting with guns....and we had quite a variety, from pistols to AR-15s).

Finally, we decided to call it a day at Moose Alley  (formerly The People's Choice), just beyond downtown Rangeley.  Wow!  No let down here.  Bowling, food, entertainment, an arcade, an inside fire pit and  dance floor.  Oh, and a bar which was being tended by Trevor Olivadoti of Farmington.  Great guy....great place!

Trevor Olivadoti


Moose Alley also regularly sees some of the states best entertainment....from Motor Booty Affair and Sly-Chi to Daniel Taylor and The Don Campbell Band (coming in this weekend).

While at the bar, we met Jason Mancine who is a popular Maine vocalist at locations far and wide.  You never know who you'll see in Rangeley.

Jason Mancine

Although it was mid-afternoon on a Wednesday and wasn't hopping with people, a couple families bowled while a group sat at the bar enjoying food and conversation.  By the way, my burger and sweet potato fries were perfect.  And so went the whole day with a great old friend and a couple of new ones!



Fire pit


Rangeley Room