Central Maine Snowmobilers: Sledding Will Require a Bit of a Drive
I laughed out loud when I read a headline on the KJ's website this morning: "Franklin, Somerset County Snowmobile Trails Not Ready Yet." Really? The photo accompanying the headline was of brown grass with a few patches of snow. Are there people out there who are that stupid that would think, "there's a little snow...why not use the trails?"
2 Snowmobiles Found
Maine wardens have found two  snowmobiles in Rangeley Lake in the search for three Maine men who are presumed to have accidentally driven their snowmobiles into the lake nearly two months ago.
Warmer Weather to Help Search
Maine Game Wardens feel confident they know the location of the snowmobiles used by three men missing after being out on Rangeley Lake last month. Officials are still searching for the bodies. The search could get a boost with the use of a new underwater remote controlled vehicle.
Right Up My Alley
"You've got to check out Moose Alley when you're in Rangeley!" my daughter, Michelle, told me. "It's Unbelievable," she added.  So, that was part of the plan when my buddy Mike Gagne and I hit the road on Wednesday.