My son was just telling me the other how he had a friend who didn't believe it ever snows in October around here. I responded by reminding him of a time it came down hard on Halloween like 10 or 15 years ago.

I remember driving home on I-95 after a WBLM Band gig at Jimmy The Greek's in OOB. There wasn't anything on the ground before the party there that night. But, it sure had piled up afterward the gig. Looking through the windshield that night was like traveling at light speed in a spaceship. It took nerves of steel to get back home.

This weekend past weekend, winter showed up even earlier than Halloween in Maine.

While most of woke up to heavy rain on Saturday morning, there was snow in the Rangeley region. I bet there was some white knuckling going on as it doesn't take much to the road slippery. Although, all I see are pickup trucks and they probably have 4WD. Cause you know, if you live in Maine and your truck isn't 4WD, you ain't right.

Check out this video posted on Facebook by Rivers Edge Sports in Oquossoc. Not what we expect to see this early, in even in the mountains of western Maine.


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