I laughed out loud when I read a headline on the KJ's website this morning: "Franklin, Somerset County Snowmobile Trails Not Ready Yet." Really? The photo accompanying the headline was of brown grass with a few patches of snow. Are there people out there who are that stupid that would think, "there's a little snow...why not use the trails?"

The point I'm getting to is we aren't so dumb that we're going to see bare grass and think that snowmobiling is okay in this area. What might be helpful, however, is where CAN you run your sled?

According to a report over the weekend from Jackman:

The rain took away most of the powder but we still have a good base. Trails are hard packed, although some riders yesterday reported some areas were slushy by afternoon. Use caution out there as lakes, streams are not all frozen and curves may be icy.

From Rangely:

Trails are open with early season conditions. The lake is wide open be careful. Detail trail report will be continually updated over the next few days.

Overall the trails are in surprisingly good condition. They are flat and groomed. There are a few thin spots and as you would expect some water bars. A group of us road yesterday afternoon and covered about hundred miles. We will be out riding again today. Please check the latest trail video for additonal infomation.

The Moosehead region:

The temps are scheduled to drop by Sunday and we will be back to cold Maine weather all of next week. Since we are all about the base, once the cold temps arrive we are going to be hard packed and with snow on the hard pack, the Moosehead Lake Region will be ready to ride.

I couldn't find a report for the Millinocket area so you should call a local business who might have an idea. The Katahdin Inn is a place where sledders typically spend Saturday night after snowmobiling that day...they usually have an idea: (207) 723-4555

But as for locally...like the KJ says, the trails aren't ready yet!