We couldn't have asked for a better weekend, weather wise. Sunday (July 9) was my anniversary and my lovely bride, Jeana, and I decided to head to Rangeley to celebrate.

We did some kayaking on Haley Pond and had an amazing seaplane ride over the Rangeley Lakes Area, thanks to Keith from Acadian Seaplanes!

We were going to do some more kayaking, but sort of got sidetracked. Thanks to my friend Jane Clukey, an EMT in the area, she recommended we check out a place called Quill Hill for the views. That brought us through an adventure, thanks to GPS.

We ended up on this almost impassable dirt road. We came to an abrupt stop, when we saw a sign in the middle of nowhere saying 'Property of the US Navy - Do not trespass under penalty of law!' It was like an Area 51 or something out of the X-Files. So we turned around.

As we were heading out on this same road, GPS told us to take a right, so we did. It was an even more impassable road, just filled with huge rocks. We went about a mile and the GPS, said we still had about 10 miles to go, and I said, "Forget it!"

I was worried we would break down in the middle of nowhere, and the cell signal had been lost at this point, too. So, we eventually ended back on Rt. 16 and about 2 miles later, right on the side of the road, we spotted a young bull moose, just drinking from a little pond. In all my years living in Maine, it’s the first one I have seen a moose outside of the Maine Wildlife Park.

A little further down the road, and lo and behold, we saw a huge sign for Quill Hill, our original destination. As opposed to that other road, this had finely groomed roads all the way to the top. And at the top a spectacular 360 degree view of the area. It must be amazing for sunsets and sunrises, and in the fall.

We took a ton of pictures there and then headed toward Kingfied, because we heard of another great spot for pictures, Mount Ira. The view from the top there was fantastic and just a little way up, there is a man made amphitheater, which you have to see to believe.

All-in-all, it was a pretty nice anniversary getaway, and I still have had no calls from the US Navy, so I guess we’re okay!

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