This year’s Snodeo in Rangeley is scheduled for the end of this month. The controversy comes from the fact that three snowmobilers went through the ice on December 30th and their bodies have yet to be recovered from the lake. Some feel that having Snodeo is disrespectful and others feel it is appropriate.

Snodeo is a big winter festival in Rangeley with snowmobiling and family events. It is put on by the Rangeley Snowmobile Club to maintain trails for everyone to use and enjoy and has been going on almost 25 years!

Some families of the missing have different feelings on the matter. Some feel that it’s having a party of the graves of the missing and other feel that, as snowmobilers, they would want the event to carry on. The Snodeo schedule is being changed up a bit in memory of the snowmobilers, including a candlelight vigil Friday night.

Most of the events are not held on the lake itself. The event that is on the lake is the Radar-Run and is held in a different part of the lake from where the missing men are believed to be located. That event might be moved to a different spot again for safety reasons. The ice has to be safe to hold the event!

So, what do you think?

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