Eminem and Rihanna certainly brought the energy with their power-packed performance of 'The Monster' at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards. The Detroit rapper and Barbadian beauty rocked the mic as they sang and rapped one of the biggest (and best) songs of 2014.

Rihanna may be in the headlines for her on-and-off again relationships with Chris Brown and Drake, but this performance reminded us of exactly why it is that she's so famous: girl can sing! She killed it on the hook and looked rad doing so, rocking an all-white ensemble and a headband with the word 'FEAR' emblazoned across it.

Eminem, of course, spit the rhymes like only he can, rapping verse after verse with incredible speed and getting the crowd hyped up in the process.

But the best part of the Rihanna and Em performance was the ending, when the two hard-faced artists adorably hugged it out in one picture-perfect moment.

Watch the video above!