Looking for a unique weekend road trip?  The Maine Waterfall Loop could be what you've been waiting for!

According to Only In Your State, driving the loop will take you past some of the most-picturesque waterfalls in New England.  Winding through Western Maine, it would take just under five hours to drive the loop (assuming there is no traffic).  So, while you can easily drive it one day, you're probably going to want to make this a multi-day adventure.  That way, you have time to stop and enjoy each waterfall.  Take a few pictures, have a picnic, maybe take a swim.


The trip will take you past:

Smalls Falls - These falls are located on the Sandy River, near Rangeley State Park.

Angel Falls - These falls feature a drop of about 90 feet!

Coos Canyon - One of the cool features of these falls is that they are visible from the road (Rt 17).  So, you could see them from the car, but you really are going to want to get out and walk around them.

The Cataracts - It is said these falls are best viewed in the spring because they are fed from snow melt.  In total, they water falls about 100 feet.

Dunn Falls - If you are going to tackle these falls, be prepared.  To see both the upper and lower falls it is going to take you on a three hour long hike.

Screw Auger Falls - These multi-tiered falls are fed by the Bear River

Rumford Falls - Originally called Pennacook Falls, it is created from a couple of big drops in the Androscoggin River.  Experts recommend you try to get their just after a rain storm for the best views.

Snow Falls Gorge - These falls lie on the Little Androscoggin River.  Keep in mind that, no matter how inviting the water is, swimming is not allowed.

Waterfall Loop (Google Maps)
Waterfall Loop (Google Maps)

To get the loop direction on Google Maps, click HERE


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